Lucy & Wayne’s Smokin Flames 2013 Tour

Hymn For Her are on tour promoting their new release, ‘Lucy & Wayne’s Smokin Flames’ and selling their new hot sauce along the way.

“From start to finish this record flat out rocks. Swapping their home recording studio for sweet digs in Detroit, the duo plastered Smokin’ Flames with chunky licks from Lucy’s bad ass cigar box guitar and pounding rhythms from Wayne’s thunderous drumming. There is a lot of noise coming from these two folks. . .
Lucy & Wayne’s Smokin’ Flames is one of those albums that you will not be able to stop listening to, I am going on 2 weeks straight. The music and lyrics invade your brain, takes hold and doesn’t want to leave. From start to finish every track is a good song and once you hit play you will be sucked into their music world and never want to leave. The album starts bold and strong builds then calms you down at the end. I just recently became aware of Hymn For Her and every day I kick myself for not finding them sooner, don’t kick you self listen to them now. Oh yeah, their hot sauce is pretty good too.” – Chris Martin/The Examiner

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